The Innovation Fund


Innova Industries Ltd. will manage the Innovation Fund’s investment portfolio of growing companies that have successfully proven technology viability and navigated through the necessary stages of commercialization.


Clients identified through the Innovation Fund often require trusted advisors to develop their business model and establish effective channel-to-market strategies unique to their objectives. Executives at Innova Industries Ltd. have many years experience at all levels of business development and will be available to help clients achieve success.


Crucial to the success of any business is the ability of the management team to network effectively in the marketplace. Strategies will be developed for clients to maximize their opportunities and grow their networks through communications, public relations, and executive leadership.

Managing the Innovation Fund

Innova Industries Ltd. was formed through the merger of a number of leading consulting firms in Canada. The primary mission for Innova Industries Ltd. is to manage a new private equity fund designed to introduce new technologies into the marketplace. The technologies of interest span across cleantech, hightech and biotech sectors. We will also look for companies that combine multiple technologies to support large scale market transformation towards new economic opportunities for Canada and North America.

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Applications to the Fund must present technologies and processes that consider the following criteria:

1. Improves the human condition through interaction with new technology.
2. Demonstrates scientific and technological advancements that will have a positive impact on future generations.
3. Ensures resources are sustainably managed and maintained.
4. Leads to new economic opportunities for growth and development.

Developing Investments

We are aggressively searching out growing companies that have successfully proven technology viability and have gone through the necessary stages of commercialization.

Clean Technology
Energy & Infrastructure
Resource Economics

Our Team

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Executives at Innova Industries Ltd. act as the management firm for the Innovation Fund, administer Fund development and work with the invested companies.

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Development Committee

The Innovation Fund will need the support of established industry leaders as we launch into action. To facilitate development, we are very fortunate to have engaged the support of highly successful and well respected individuals.

"As our cars, phones, and buildings become smarter and the demand for new infrastructure grows, technologies will need to understand how to communicate across multiple sectors, providing the seamless interactions required to maintain reliable networks and instill market (and consumer) confidence."

Andrew Bowerbank, CEO, Innova Industries Ltd.

Industry Facts

$ Billion per year will be invested in ``smart city`` infrastructure by 2020 -World Bank
$ Billion required annually to adapt global energy infrastructure -World Bank
$ Trillion required per year to upgrade global water infrastructure -Boston Consulting Group
$ Trillion on track to be invested into the I.T. market in 2014 -Gartner

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Message from the Chair

The world is in the midst of a shift to an age of development based on resource efficiency, digital technology and integrated communications. Many leaders consider this shift to be the birth of the “third industrial revolution” where energy, transportation and communications will merge to support global expansion of urban infrastructure and bring about a new form of economic prosperity. As a result, venture capital firms must change, and the traditional stages of investment will be blurred by companies growing and adapting to economic conditions with ever-increasing speed. Successful investors must now be able to identify and invest in potential category winners at all stages, and be able to add real value to companies. The Innovation Fund was established to meet this shift in our economy and I am confident the team assembled to drive investments will set a new precedent in the Canadian Marketplace.

Robert Orviss, Director – Investment Banking, Clarus Securities Inc.

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